Sharon Yum (lil_dance_shoes) wrote in ana_success,
Sharon Yum


hi i'm new and i'm looking for support and some friends. i feel huge all the time and gained 20 pounds since i moved here. i've also lost my hip bones.. i can barely see my hip bones anymore and i'm completely and utterly sad. can anyone give me some help here?? thanks a bunches and love you long time.

current: 116
lowest: 86
highest: 118
goal: 85-90

I'm 15 almost 16.. can anyone give me some tips on how i can lose 30 pounds fast? i went shopping last night and my pants were too small. i just keep gaining weight because i haven't been able to purge lately.. any easier way i can do that?
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i'm also 15 (turning 16 in september) looking for a support buddy. my AIM is sangre255, I leave it on pretty much all day, but I always read any messages. as for tips, I'd like to try having one meal a day fpr at least a week and seeing how far that gets me. Actually, I'm 5'3/4" and about 102, we have a lot in common. so im here if you wanna share progress!
hey im 14 turning 15 lol and the same hight...i just wanted to ask u wat stackers r ...i keep hearing...or seeing ppl writting this and i just wanna noe wat they r and wat they do. plz email me at
ya if you ever wanna chat id LOVE 5'1" 115lbs used to be soo tiny...and now im just disgusting...i think itd be great to support eachother