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Feeling clean and empty

Hi, everyone. I'm a mix ani/bul, but it's nice to be here and hope you guys don't care. I try to fast, but have moved back in with my mother, so it's a bit harder to restrict. Anyway,

I'm 21 years old
CW: 136!!!!!
LW: 96
HW: 136
GW: 99
Date: September 1

I've been buhlimic/ anorexic for the last ten years, so I know a few pointers on diet/ purge if anyone wants. Also, I'd like a fasting buddy! My AIM is ChoieChica. Thanks dolls and good luck on your goal weights!
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hey we're the same weight :D how tall are you?

I added you (on aim + here).
I'm 20 years old
CW: 138
LW: 89
HW: 138
GW: 105
Date: Mid September

When I was younger I was aneroxic and I had a lot os signs of Buhlemia. I miss fitting into a size 0 and everyday when I get dressed I cry. None of my friends understand why my weight is so important to me. My aim name is Brinkley1025. I would love to be your fasting buddy. Perhaps we can share tips!
hey how did u actually develop anorexia? just curious add me on msn or reply to this even tho u wrote that comment like a year ago ... if u could still tell me it would be great!!! or any tips/ advice!!!
hi girls, my name is katie and im 19 and 5'10".

CW: 127
LW: 123
HW: 136
GW: 115

I'm also looking for a buddy to help me and support me with this so let me know if any of you are interested : )
what are ur tips? im bulimic but im not losing enough weight..its more of an emotional thing i guess